You on the river in Melbourne with a whole lot of other inflatable boats.

It’s an amazing day as so many get to experience a new perspective of the inner city river.

As far as we know it’s the largest on water Yarra River event.

Things for the next event are still getting worked on.

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2018 Event Info

START: Yarra Bank Reserve, Creswick Street, Hawthorn

FINISH: Inflatable Reserve, Scotsburn Street, Hawthorn

HELD: Saturday, 24 February


The course is two kilometres. At a relaxed pace it takes between one and two hours. This is dependent on the tide; the Yarra is a tidal river with a salt water “wedge” underneath.

Don’t worry about falling in–it’s pretty hard to. When you get out of your boat someone is there to help.

Many questions have come in over the last two events and we think we’ve answered most of them in the FAQs but do get in touch if there’s something you’d like cleared up.

We had a couple of people contact us about the environmental impact of all the plastic boats. Boats left behind were looked after and put to good use or in storage.


What to bring

– Ticket (can be on mobile or paper)

– Phone

– Some money for drinks and lunch 

– Reusable water bottle

– Appropriate clothes, or costume!

– Myki to get home




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