Practicalities are important.

We’ve done our best below from Regatta’s gone by but contact us with any questions.

One main change from 2017 to 2018 – boats aren’t for keeps. If you want to hold onto it for more summer boating days it’s $10 (oars are free with boats too).

Waiver / Ts & Cs

Let us know if you have any questions. But basically, if you’re acting responsibly, not high or drunk and an adult you’re pretty set.

What about the weather?

Looks like we might have a some rain on the day. It happens. But we’ll still be going ahead!

Unless there’s extreme weather, it’s on. Latest forecast here.

And dress accordingly!

Please contact us if you have any questions – – I’ll respond as soon as possible.

Can I bring my own boat? Or one from Inflatable Regatta 2017?

Own boat – Nope. Can’t do it. The boats have to be up to Australian standards and we can’t check everyone that brings their own boat. We’ve done that work for you.

2017 people – If you have a boat from Inflatable Regatta 2017 and it’s in good nick, that’s OK. We’ll get it and you on the water if you purchase a ticket. We’ll blow it up for you too! If there’s something wrong with it we’ll lend you a boat for the float.

Start time & for how long?

The first boats launch soon after 10:00 AM. When you buy your ticket choose a time best for you. And at the end, hang around for drinks and lazy times next to the river.

About 2 hours to travel 2 kms down the river. That’s if you’re paddling every now and again. Many have done it faster. The tide moves the river around a bit depending on when you book.

We’re concerned about landfill too

A few people have asked us, some have decided to not come because of it.

Here are some of the things we’ve incorporated / unincorporated to improve…

x. No more disposable water bottles. We think water should be free and in the past we’ve given out free bottled water. Not happening. Water carts instead and everyone is encouraged to bring a reuseable bottle

x. Boats are on loan but $10 to keep. This comes from the old economic theory that higher prices will discourage uptake. It means we can hold onto and reuse the boats not purchased. Those that are will hopefully find loving homes that want to use them again. BTW – $10 is less than the boats’ wholesale cost.

x. We’re promoting Clean Up Australia Day, register and get the litter out of our environment!

x. We’ll be talking to our waste management people to make sure all of it, or as much as possible, is recycled

x. Melbourne Water (our only sponsor for ethical reasons) and the Yarra Riverkeepers Association (join today! It’s only $20) work closely with us to advise on all aspects of the event.

x. One of our key values is a cleaner healthier river. By getting people on the water to appreciate the natural beauty of it we hope to impress on everyone, participating or not, that our rivers are something to protect and consider.


Do I have to wear a life jacket?

Yeah. Insurance and Marine Safety Victoria say so. It’s not so bad. You’ll look good. Everyone’s doing it!

By myself or float with friends?

You can do it solo or with a rowing buddy. The two person boats can be snug, so pair up with someone who’s comfy. On the river it’s very social.  Sound travels quite well on the water.

Weight limits are 90kgs for a single and 180kgs (total) for a double.

What should I not bring?

Booze or anything too bulky (or sharp!). You can’t take booze in the river (bar at the end) and there’s not much space on the boats.

Someone brought a rabbit one year! We don’t recommend it but it happened.

How much does it cost?

$60 for a single boat, $110 for a two person. That includes everything you need for the trip. 

Want to keep the boat & oars? $10 extra.

In previous years the boats were included but with extra costs and wanting to improve environmental stuff we changed from included to hire. And it saves space at your place!

What should I wear?

Light clothes are best. Think about UV rays too. On the river it’s a little cooler than on land.

What if it rains on the day?!

It’ll still go ahead if that happens. It’s usually a warm day regardless. What could sink the event is a big downpour a couple of days before. That sends a whole lot of stuff down the river that could make it hazardous.

We’ll let you know of course.

BYO booze for the journey?

Nope. Marine Safety Victoria are pretty clear about this one and the insurance won’t cover us if we do.

Drinks at the end!

How do I get there?

Public transport or drop off is by faaar the best. Train to Hawthorn station, then a short walk, the 75 or 48 tram to the end of Bridge Road. There’s not much parking near Yarra Bank Reserve.

If you must must drive – park on Yarra Boulevard.

Getting home – trams on Riversdale or Glenferrie Road. Getting picked up? Meet the car at Leonda By The Yarra on Wallan Road (it’s the funny road between Swan Street and Riversdale Road).

What if I fall in?!

You’ll be fine. Downunder Rescue will be there to fish you out. Don’t swallow the water. It’s not great to drink. If you do, let one of the event staff know.

Downunder Rescue usually rescue speed boat drivers but take time out to help us all at Inflatable Regatta.

How many people are going?

About 2500 people can participate (heaps!) over the day and there will be over 100 volunteers too.

Do I have to go to the end or can we get out anytime?

There aren’t any comfortable places to get out until you get to the end. If you really need to, yes you can of course, let one of the rescue boat people know so we can tick you off the list.

How old do I have to be?

If you’re 12 years or older, welcome aboard! If under 18 you need a two person boat with someone over 18.

Apologies if you’re under 12. We asked our insurers about you but they said no. If you’re 11, only one more year and we’ll see you in 2019!

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